Holocaust Memorial

The work is dedicated to the victims of Nazi racial persecution – Brno Jews and Roma who perished in concentration camps during World War II.

The supporting element is a cube with an edge size of 3.14 m “floating” above the water’s surface. The pi number passing to infinity evokes constant repetition of human suffering throughout history. A veil of water flows down the walls of the cube, symbolising purification and forgiveness, and simultaneously creating a mirrored surface on the object. At the bottom of the shallow pool, under the water, there is a gilded “lest we forget” memento in Czech, Hebrew and Romani, a six-pointed Jewish star symbol, Ashoka’s chakras and a reverent inscription “Out of respect for the Jews and Roma murdered and abducted from Brno and taken to concentration camps, 1939–1945” and “To all victims of Nazi racial persecution”.

AuthorDaniel Václavík
LocationPark on the 28th of October Square
Materialblack polished granite

Presentation to the public: 2014

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