Project Sculptures for Brno
The Sculptures for Brno project talks about the lives of important personalities connected with Brno by their origin or work, who have influenced the history of the city or have become famous in science, art, sports and other fields. The project has been financed by the City of Brno since 2005, and 6 works have been made so far. The sculptures are based on a fine art competition, which allows for a wide openness of artistic approaches, procedures and means of expression, thanks to which timeless works of art are created.
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Erected statues and objects
Sculptural developments in Brno are created within the project Sculptures for Brno and beyond. Their creation is initiated by the professional public, institutions and political representations in order to commemorate important personalities, historical events and important anniversaries.
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Memorial plaques
The Cultural Department of Brno City Municipality is responsible for the implementation of memorial plaques.
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Reparation, restoration
Every year, the Cultural Department of Brno City Municipality carries out an inventory of small architectural objects that are not registered in the list of immovable cultural monuments and are owned by the City of Brno. Subsequently, those that have been damaged by the ravages of time or have become victims of vandals, are selected for repair.
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Art competitions
Works of art for public spaces in Brno are created on the basis of art competitions, which are organised in cooperation with the Czech Chamber of Architects. The results are always decided by a jury composed of independent experts and political representatives.
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Honorary Graves
We coordinate competitions for the artistic design of honorary graves at the Central Cemetery of the city of Brno. Subsequently, we record the finished works. The tombstones are then taken care of by the Brno Cemetery Administration.
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